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We do Partnered publishing to meet your needs. Most of the self publishing companies force authors into bigger, bolder, more expensive packages that many people do not need. Invincible’s business model and promise is that you only have to pay for what you use.

Our moto is to change tradition of self publishing. Submit your manuscript and get it rated from our team. Depending upon the rating, you are eligible to get it published for free and traditionally. We just charge for the services you opt for, if you are ready with your manuscript, copyediting, typesetting and cover design stuff, approach us, if it matches our standard, we will publish it for free and leave no stone un-turned to sell your book. We make profits after selling your book. Although if you are ready with just manuscript, then you need to pay a nominal fees to avail services mentioned in the below form, and we will get your book out to the world. We offer free geek-support all day.

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