As difficult as writing a book might seem, getting it published is where the real struggle starts for most authors. Here at Invincible Publishers, our aim is to make this very process as quick, smooth and hassle-free as possible. With our brilliant team of editors, designers and marketeers, our goal is to bring your stories to life and give them the readership they deserve.

Invincible Publishers and Marketeers is an independent publishing and marketing platform founded to design, publish, promote, and sell professional quality printed books and ebooks. We believe in delivering quality content at reasonable prices with competitive royalties and aggressive marketing.

With over 250+ books credited to the brand, the company has associated with authors from all across the country and outside in bringing their masterpieces in fiction and non-fiction to print.

Why Choose Invincible?

  • We understand that getting published is only 20% of the journey; the other 80% is marketing!
  • We believe in sustained and dedicated marketing with relevant content. On top of that, we are in continuous consultation with research and professional communities that influence our decisions for the better.
  • We are not financial investors, but are independently owned and managed by people of thes ame interest as you. We take a long-term view in our decisions rather than focusing onshort-term financial gains.
Our Mission

To deliver fully integrated print and digital services and find right market for your book/brand.

Our Values
  • Respect for colleagues, customers, suppliers, environment, rules and principles of working.
  • Continuous Learning by share information & knowledge, give to everybody more opportunity to grow.
  • Innovation & Technology: We actively encourage a culture of innovation, which facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures a high quality product.
  • Accountability for the time, the money, all resources spent and the results obtained.
Recent Projects & Events at a Glance
  • We recently published a book on Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, released by renowned names from the BJP like Mr. Sambit Mahapatra (the national spokesperson for BJP), Shri Rao Sahib Danve Patil (BJP President in Maharashtra), and Dharmendra Pradhan (Odisha Petroleum Minister).
  • 'A Twisted Tale', the story of Manipal was released at a Book Launch event at Manipal University.
  • Invincible Publishers participated in London Book Fair 2017, the Noida International Literature Festival, the State Bank Academy Book Fair, and the Book Fair event at Manipal.
  • 'Hindola' was released at a Book Launch event in Bangalore by the eminent MLA from BJP in Bangalore.
  • Invincible has to its credit the 'Foot Prints of Gautam Buddha', released by the Buddhist Society of India at Sarnath.
  • The Dream Girl of Bollywood Hema Malini was presented with our bestseller 'The Divine Throne of Maharani Meeramani' by our author Meenakshi Verma.
  • Another book from the Invincible book-shelf, 'Simply Friends' was released by the Mayor of Goa.
  • Our book 'The Kissing Circles' was sent to the MAMI Filmfare Awards.
  • Our book 'Jeet Lo Marathon' is based on an upcoming movie by the same name, which featured in the Cannes Film Festival in 2017 and was a semifinalist at the KYIV Film Festival and Milan Festival in Italy.
  • 'Chariots of Mahabhartha', another Invincible product is set to be featured on Star Bharat with a star cast of Ayushman Bhava.

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